Margarita Rubra

Sadly Margarita passed away on the 27 September 2013 after a long illness. She will be missed.

This website remains for the moment to show the World some small part of what she did, and to say goodbye to a friend.

Strangely Strange, but Oddly Normal

This was my contribution to this Tantalus Project exhibition at the Rugby Art Gallery and Museum that ran from 10 December 2012 until 4 January 2013.

The Sound of the Universe---Mourning.

One of the pieces I made for the Muses Project was based on the sanskrit letter OM, said to be the first sound of the Universe.

I found several shapes for this letter, I have chosen one and constructed a larger version of it, made out of card and plaster. The letter was partly painted black and then covered in a thin white sheet.

This was to call to mind the use of white as a funerary colour in some cultures. The marbles are there to represent the galaxies.

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