Margarita Rubra

Sadly Margarita passed away on the 27 September 2013 after a long illness. She will be missed.

This website remains for the moment to show the World some small part of what she did, and to say goodbye to a friend.


A fascinatingly unpredictable ceramic technique

Recently I have joined a group firing a Raku kiln out of doors, though not in the winter!

So far I have experimented with the bright glazes onto small forms, and I've really enjoyed the experience. The random and sometimes fugitive results of Raku colouring, and the highly unpredictable nature of the technique are appealing and can be very rewarding. Here are displayed some of the results of these firings. The project is ongoing though I don't expect more control to be achieved, at least not in the near future! To appreciate the bright and cheerful colours of these pieces, it's best to come and see them.

Price information

All items are available for sale with prices ranging from £3 to £15.

Examples of the Raku Collection

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